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In Oct 2004 the ARC awarded the RNSA funding for the
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The RNSA Young Investigator’s Grants

The RNSA Young Investigator’s Grants

The RNSA will fund selected network participants who are Young Investigators.  

A Young Investigator is a currently enrolled Masters or PhD level student at an Australian University, or recently completed a PhD (in the last five years), and is currently involved in CIP research.  

Funding is open only to Currently Registered NPs to attend RNSA events.  

The Fund Program is administered by the RNSA Management Committee. Funding will be made available on basis of merit, taking into account the following criteria:

a) Academic performance,

b) Strength of application,

c) Strength of Academic support,

d) Strength of contribution (such as recent Academic publications, or industry work).  

Funds will be distributed at the discretion of the RNSA Management Committee.  

It is anticipated that the grants will be approximately $500 to $2000 (in the case of overseas travel) for each Young Investigator per year (each year).  

This program is intended to assist selected Young Investigators to supplement allocations received for their attendance at RNSA workshops, the retreat and annual conference.  

This program will also assist selected Young Investigators (at least two per year) for travel overseas to work at key international research organisations. This will be based on above criteria.  

A/Prof. Priyan Mendis
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