Join Now Joining the RNSA
In Oct 2004 the ARC awarded the RNSA funding for the
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Joining the RNSA is very simple;

Go to the ARC Verification Document (download a PDF copy) read, complete the information requested, and sign it, and where necessary have this document signed by an Authorised Signatory for your Institution/Organisation.

Then forward the signed ARC Verification Document to the RNSA Administrator. The instructions for this are found on this document. Once approved the RNSA Administrator will contact you confirming your membership.

You also have the option to Sign Up via the Members' Login menu  and enter personal details, as well you will also be asked to complete a Research Profile.

Access to the Members Only area of the RNSA allows you to Message Board other Network Participants.

For any queries, please contact the Webmaster.