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Workshops & Short Courses

Short Course: An Introduction to Explosion Effects and Design for Blast

Date & Venue : 1st - 2nd December 2005, Sydney

The short course will be presented by Assoc Prof. Priyan Mendis (APTES), Mr. John Crawford, P.E. President & Mr. Shengrui Lan, Ph.D. Principal Engineer (Karagozian & Case, Burbank, California, USA). This course will provide participants with a valuable overview of modern protective structures and an understanding of the issues associated with load assessment, response analysis and factors that must be addressed in developing a successful blast resistant building design.

For more information, refer the Attached Flyer

Risk Assessment Workshop

Date & Venue : 28th and 29th November 2005, Shalom College, University of New South Wales

The objectives of this workshop are to develop a strategic research plan for security risk management in Critical Infrastructure and provide a networking forum for the development of collaborative research projects between researchers, industry and government.

It is in tended that Industry, Government and Academia will present their viewpoint on risk management and Assessment for critical infrastructure protection and allow showcasing of current research work.

For more information please refer the Brochure or Contact,

Dr Tony Green
School of Safety Science,
University of New South Wales,
Kensington NSW 2050.
Tel: 61 2 9385 5469 or 9385 4144
E Mail:

Blast & Impact: Technical Seminar

Date & Venue : 5 December 2005, Melbourne

This free technical seminar will cover the practical background information and recent developments on structures subjected to blast and impact by leading researchers. The presentations will provide elementary information related to such events.

For more information, refer the Attached Flyer

Non-technical briefing: Predicting the effects of explosive events

Date & Venue :
1 December 2005, Canberra
2 December 2005, Sydney
5 December 2005, Melbourne

A non-technical presentation covering

  • What are the benefits of blast modelling software?
  • An overview of AUTODYN, the world's leading software for blast and fragmentation analysis
  • What needs to be in a project brief for consultants on modelling explosive effects on a structure?
  • How AUTODYN is being used by counter-terrorism agencies around the world?
  • For more information, refer the  Brochure

    Blast Effects Design/Analysis Short Course organised by Prof. Hong Hao of University of Western Australia (Supported by RNSA)

    Date & Venue : 5th and 6th December 2005, Perth

    The short course will be presented by Mr. John Crawford, P.E. President, Karagozian & Case, Burbank, California, USA & Mr. Shengrui Lan, Ph.D. Principal Engineer, Karagozian & Case and Prof. Hong Hao.

    More details are given in the attached pdf file

    Short Course Perth

    Social Implications Workshop

    Date & Venue : 29th May 2006, University of Wollongong

    This one-day workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to network and learn about the current and potential status of information security measures, to consider their implications on citizens and business, and to
    identify their impact on legislation and privacy at both a local and global level.

    For more information, please refer the attached Brochure