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In Oct 2004 the ARC awarded the RNSA funding for the
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Research Strength

The RNSA has identified the majority of Australia’s leading researchers, Commonwealth and state officers and industry leaders involved in critical infrastructure protection (CIP). The Network Convenor - A/Prof Mendis has a distinguished and internationally recognised track record for research in protective technology of engineering structures. He led a successful seed funding bid (ARC) receiving a top rating based on funding (only one in engineering) to form the Research Network for Engineering a Secure Australia (RNESA). Subsequently, the Research Network for a Secure Australia (RNSA) was formed with the merger of RNESA and two other significant seed-funded research networks – the Australian Security Technologies Integration Network (ASTIN) and Information Security Research Network (ISRN).

RNSA's links with Local, State, Federal Government Organisations and Industry

The RNSA has established links with many local, state and federal government organisations. A list of several key organisations involved in the RNSA is given in the Resources & Links page. Strong links with these organisations will help to shape the RNSA’s research agenda to meet Australia’s needs for improving the safety of the nation’s critical infrastructure.

Research Opportunities

The Australian government has set as a national priority the need to secure critical infrastructure against potential natural or human-caused disasters including terrorist acts. Incidents such as the Longford and Moomba gas explosions and the water contamination in Sydney clearly show the impacts of critical infrastructure failure. The reasons for infrastructure failure are varied and complex, thus CIP research must be inherently multidisciplinary. Collaborative research by the RNSA can develop methods and tools that can be applied to examine protection needs of widely different infrastructure. These same methods and tools can also be applied in developing counter-terrorist options.